Early Flower 125€
Suspended 145€
Suspended 165€
  • ❇️  Discounts are communicated and applied by the organizer *before registration approval therefore before the payment is done. Level (Advanced, All-Stars) discounts can be applied after the payment to unpaid extras (e.g. competitions, intensives).
  • ❇️  All discounts are applied to an event ticket and sum together!
  • ❇️  Group discounts and other questions are communicated via
  • 💸  Community Leader Discount (CLD): 25% + free competitions.
    For those who teach weekly classes and help growing local WCS community.
  • 💸  Pricey Destination Discount (PDD): 50% of the flight price (without extras e.g. baggage, meals, priority boarding etc.) above 140€ will be subtracted from your event ticket.
    For example, if your flights cost 180€ then (180-140)*50% = 20€ off your event ticket.
    * If flights are not yet bought at the time of registration then it has to be communicated with the organizer.
  • 💸  Distant Accommodation Discount (DAD): 5€ and 10€ discount for Best Hotel and Vilmaja Hotel reservations respectively (e.g. ~2 and ~4 Taxi rides with Bolt or Yandex in case you have to take it instead of Free Venue Transport).
  • 💸  25% for WSDC Advanced dancers.
  • 💸  Free party pass for WSDC All-Stars dancers with judging assignment. Workshops - 30€.
  • 📏  Registration has to be paid in two weeks after approval.
  • 📏  Free pass requires approval from the organizer and needs to be gender balanced.
  • 📏  Participants are responsible for keeping their registrations updated.
  • 📏  Event schedule is a subject to change.
  • 📏  Payments are non-refundable but can be transferred for 15€.
  • 📏  Participants have to wear the wristband at the event.
  • 📏  The organizer can use event photos and videos for the event promotion.
  • 📏  Participants can be dismissed from the event without refund in case of unappropriate behaviour to other participants or property.
  • 📏  Participants are financially responsible for damages or injuries caused by them during the event.
  • 📏  Any type of communication between participants and the event staff must be respectful. 😍