1. General

  • 1.1 Pricing deadlines are for payments not just registrations
  • 1.2 Registration has to be paid in two weeks after approval
  • 1.3 Free pass requires approval from the organizer and, in case of gender imbalance, followers have to find a leader to register with
  • 1.4 The organizer can use event photos and videos for the event promotion
  • 1.5 Participants are allowed to record or take photos of classes if the teacher allows it
  • 1.6 The participant can be dismissed from the event without refund in case of unappropriate behaviour to other participants or property
  • 1.7 The participant is financially responsible for damages or injuries caused by him/her during the event
  • 1.8 Event schedule is a subject to change
  • 1.9 Level audition might be required to attend desired workshop level
  • 1.10 Payments are non-refundable
  • 1.11 Participants are responsible for keeping their registrations updated

2. Registration transfer

  • 2.1 Leader registration can be transfered only to another leader
  • 2.2 Transfer costs 15 EUR

3. Discount

  • 3.1 Discounts are applied before the payment is done
  • 3.2 Pricey Destination Discount (PDD) - 50% of the flight price (without extras e.g. baggage, meals, priority boarding etc.) above 150 EUR will be subtracted from your event ticket
  • 3.3 30% discount for Newcomer dancers (Level 1 workshops only; no competition restrictions)
  • 3.4 30% discount for WSDC Advanced dancers
  • 3.5 Free for WSDC All-Star dancers
  • 3.6 Advanced and All-Star discounts can be applied after the payment is done but only to unpaid extras (e.g. competitions, intensives)
  • 3.7 Group discounts are communicated via